a taste of wonderland

I've been watching a lot of project runway this weekend online, such a great way to destress. Last night I dreamt that I had created my own line of clothing, just for fun. The week before my mom commented that there were sewing classes at the local cultural centre. Coincidence? I think not. I would love to make my own clothes someday.

These are from Mono, designer from season 8, found it here. I love how quirky, fun and whimsical these outfits all are. 

love, the gypsy.


one of those hair days

I've been getting into a lot of different ways to style hair. I know that there are lots of trends, and I usually look out for them, but I often gravitate towards simpler do's.

This amazing braid.

I've tried to do something with my own, but also with my roomate. She loves when I play around with different styles. This past friday I did her look for a wedding she was attending. I love how it turned out.

love, the gypsy


love from magyarország

Meet Sara Kovacs. Aspiring graphic designer, chic, vintage lover, passionate, loving friend, worship leader, perseverant, artist and Hungarian muse. For the past year, despite the distance, I've been getting to know her better and she has turned out to be one of my dear kindred spirits, someone I can imagine the rest of my life being friends with.
This is some of her artwork I have been following via her blog, which are all really inspiring. I am also encouraged when I read her blog posts (when they're in English, my Hungarian isn't so good that I can read all of her posts:)

I want to go to Budapest now, just so I can share a cup of tea and talk about life.

the gypsy.


the secret to a pretty style

It's all in the details. These are when I try to take outfit pictures, then I don't like them because I am camera shy and keep the ones that I'm only partly in them.

Hope you enjoyed it. It's the secret to my style, I love details.

the gypsy.


the civil wars.

last friday we badge sisters saw the civil wars live at calvin college. omg -- i honestly have never laid ears on such a duo. my jaw literally hung open for their entire set (classy, i know). it's been eons since i've heard something so breathtaking live. i owe my civil wars love to aline & a mixed cd she sent me over a year ago. gypsy -- you were there in spirit...

...enjoy lovelies...



like che riding across the cordilleras

this past weekend I went to Mendonza, it's about an 8 hour trip from Santiago, heading up the mountains and through to Argentina. It was an incredible journey, passing by huge mountains in our bus, watching as they grew bigger and as we drove up, it seemed to never end. 
Mendonza in itself wasn't very interesting to me, maybe because we didn't have a lot of days there and for being a very touristic city. It was packed filled with different restaurants and a very lovely street market. I just loved being able to just get away for a weekend, have good conversations and catch up on reading.

oh, and I got a dreadlock! which I haven't had the chance to get a good picture of. ha, soon I will. because I quite like it. a lot.
so my mom has started calling me a gypsy. when I got back from Argentina, I went straight to church with my roomate and she tried calling me that night. the next afternoon we both went to the children's home and that's when she said, "you really are a gypsy!"
I shall own up to it, I'm sure.
so long, and lots of love, 
from yours truly,
the gypsy.


she wore blue velvet

I came across these lovely pictures while browsing the net. These are from Hannah and Landon Wetz's blog.
I love the ligthing, the clothes and wouldn't you just love living in the apartment where these pictures were taken in?

sigh, I would love to take airy pictures like this someday!
currently listening to matthew perry jones, and feeling I can take on this week!

the gypsy
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