i want to get better at posting different looks on here. i need to get on that! 

this is a work outfit from this past week. considering i'm limited to wearing black, white, and gray...i try to spice it up with different pieces. plus, this is uber comfy!

photo by my roommate katie shaw. find her on flikr!

music of the moment: "three sisters" by j. tillman



Obsessed with the Cults today. I can barely find anything on iTunes though! Booo! I WANT MORE!

Enjoy... ;)



This photo is from Paris this past summer. Taken in my friend's flat. It's probably really cliche, but I love Paris. I've been all over Europe, but there's something about this city that truly captivates me. Plus, Parisians know fashion. Classic, simple, sophisticated. Sharp ;)

This outfit: Skirt and top both from Zara

Book: Ayn Rand "The Anthem" -- A must read!



Applying the finishing touches on my sister's BFF Kellie!
Freshman homecoming. 

Gah, I can't believe that was a decade ago. I wore this awful slinky purple number with a sequence bodice. The icing on the cake was the velvet shoulder shrug. I mean, what else completes an outfit but a dash of velvet?!

Anyways, this weekend was my baby sis's freshman homecoming. Makes me wish I would've had a big sis to keep me from my horrid fashion faux pas! Oh well, as long as those photos stay stashed away...forever...

Listening to: "So Far Around The Bend" by The National



I can't get over Dior's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection! Ahh! LOVES IT! The equestrian vibe, some frilly ruffles, massive glam hair... It's dark and brooding, but with a feminine side. Can I please have an excuse to wear my hair like that? Pretty please?!?! :)

P.S. Modeled in a bridal show today. Photos to come!



Hello blogging world! I'm back! I've decided that GR (Grand Rapids) needs a fashion boost, and, well...since I'm still stuck in The Mitten State I'd start sharing my little tidbits...not that I'm a guru by any means, but...fashion is a form of self-expression (and exploration)!! So let's give it a whirl...

Today's look: My Dad's hunting thermal. Cozy perfection for a brrrr...cold fall evening at Starbucks! They need to turn up the heat in here!!! ;)
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