I got my bangs cut this morning by my lovely mama. I was taking a break from packing and here is the damage:

recently, I came across the Burberry Acoustic on youtube, they are videos of different bands filmed all around London, usually with British bands that have been springing up. One of my favorites is "Life in Film." I just like their sound, seems to incorporate everything you would want to find in a British band.


 the gypsy


lace 'em up

In love with lace, I wore this yesterday while exploring my dear city. São Paulo turned 457 years old. I had a magic filled day, walking through the streets, getting a bit caught in the rain, new vintage specs (on sale!) balloons, ice-cream and books! 

cardigan - heritage, 
lace blouse - blue steel, 
skirt - riachuelo, 
belt - pink biju, 
bag - marisa 
& sandals - B1

the poster says, "Tired of being modern." hehe..

the gypsy


music fixation: lissie

if you hadn't heard lissie, you should. reminds me of ellie goulding...well, the "americana" version of ellie... and if you haven't heard of ellie...shame on you!! :) her music was everywhere (no exaggeration) in europe this summer. and i'm awaiting the day that her full album is released stateside. come on itunes! an EP isn't enough! what a tease...

outfit post from work yesterday! gray top from h&m, pencil skirt from zara, necklace from h&m, gray wool socks from eddie bauer, booties from new yorker (in budapest)...more outfits to come!
today i'm going to try my best to do absolutely nothing. it's not working too well, but it's worth a shot. everyone's got to take a day for sanity, right?

xoxo. the drifter



this week has been insane...ahhh! i don't know about you, but i operate best under pressure. go go GO!

monday & tuesday: meetings, meetings, meetings. whew! i'm on the brink of lots of new opportunities...eek! but shh...it's still on the D.L. well, kinda. training with aura skincare & cosmetics...oh the creative possibilities! 

wednesday, thursday & friday: work! outfit sample for you...
...one of my fav looks. high-waisted elastic-band pants from h&m, cream lace top from forever21, suspenders from hot topic (no, i don't shop there...just in desperate need of suspenders!), knit cap from urban oufitters. if only you could get the full effects with the men's tuxedo shoes! arg! note: the featherlocks peeking out from the lion's mane! 

saturday: spotlight616 photoshoot at flashback for an upcoming event called shinnenkai. it'll be an asian inspired celebration of the new year. and i get to model tokyo street fashion! here's a couple looks from the shoot...
i'm obsessed with these polkadot high-waisted pants. i'm snagging these for my wardrobe!! hawt.
military look. bullet belt, sequence tube top...and another pair of high-waisted pants (i'm seeing a pattern here). leather, baby!
jerrad from my agency stop in during the shoot and snapped this...channeling the umm tiger within?? lol

that's the recap folks! boredom is definitely not an option around here! now to sip on some tea and relax for what's left of this weekend... farväl friends!

p.s. gr peeps. the sparrow's (on wealthy) dirty harry drink is freaking amazing. earl gray latte with honey. yummy...cheers to you!



ash, when you become rich and famous, will you send me some of these?

all these are from the february 2011 catalogue. I love all the prints and especially the mix of colors. I always had a visual heart attack when I went to anthropologie. I would love to design any of their window displays!

your friend,
the gypsy



off days are kinda fun for me. I was trying to take some pictures of my outfit and these are what turned up. I actually like the heavy exposure, as if I'm not really there.

the lace cardigan is from a vintage boutique I found here in São Paulo, she handpicks lovely things from thrift stores and sells them at a decent price.
what is your favorite kind of clothing?
I love cardigans, I almost feel naked without them.

the gypsy.


sunday obsessions.

sunday obsessions. 

found my music obsession (memoryhouse) through last.fm's beach house radio. ambient, airy. reminds me of a winter's evening. 

translucent eyewear. thinking in this direction for my new readers. 

midi skirts. lace from asos. pleated from topshop. high-waisted. paired with lace-up booties. 

featherlocks! i got mine put in on friday. just 3 right behind my right ear to play up the lion's mane ;)

happy sunday friends! xoxo. the drifter. 


the musings of a hair hippy...

i admit it. i don't wash my hair everyday. i rarely brush it. and i love my dry shampoo (label m dry shampoo btw). this dirty mess has even got me thinking of dreads. okay.. don't freak out! definitely not a full head... just a single dread underneath... maybe with a feather... 

or... a friend showed me these sweeeeet feather extensions. i'm drooling. you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, etc. they last up to 8 wks and can be washed, styled, and flat-ironed! here's a photo to give you a visual. i probably would just opt to put a single strand underneath... thoughts?? :)
xoxo. the drifter

alexander herchcovitch

I saw this styled in one of my favorite magazine's and decided to take a peek on Herchcovitch's spring line. I was pleasantly suprised and loved the mixture of soft colors. It brings joy to my color filled heart.

the gypsy.


do you twinkle?

I'm all for new resolutions! I'll keep them to myself until I've managed to go a week accomplishing them (;
I am catching up on my blog reading and I found this sweet word artist, Nay. I love the colors and the quotes.

what do you think?
the gypsy


resolutions. resolutions.

new year. 

it's a new year. a clean slate. although i'm not keen on making resolutions for the new year, i am especially enthusiastic knowing that there are endless possibilities ahead. 

looking back on 2010, i am satisfied. i turned 24. successfully navigated my first year of grad school. spent the summer backpacking abroad. climbed the eiffel tower. kayaked on the mediterranean. sailed the north sea. fell in love. got my tattoo. i am definitely full with satisfaction. 

so... 2011? hmm. what shall these next 365 days entail? now 362...

i vow to...
a) blog more. here. with aline :)
b) discover my creative niche. take more risks. 
c) travel abroad with my love. 
d) find my way professionally. something that brings me joy. 
e) love those around me w/more intentionality.
f) smile more. 
g) eat more organic/natural foods ("you are what you eat!")
h) prepare for the future...rather than waiting for it to sneak up on me.
i) learn to savor the little things in life.

what about you?

xoxo. the drifter

photos by my love
christmas eve at st. andrew's cathedral

 new years eve

..."the best things in life are wild and free"

coco avant chanel

2011! how crazy is that? This year is going to be good, I can feel it in my bones.
Yesterday I did nothing productive, but I did watch a movie that I've been dying to watch: Coco before Chanel.
I never imagined her story to be like that, growing up as an orphan, waiting for her single parent to come take her home from the orphanage. She was fantastic, adhering to what she believed was true style and sticking to who she was as an individual.
As always, Audrey Tautou was marvelous and I especially liked when she finally personified what my image of Coco Chanel would be.

It made me appreciate couture more, except, I still think you can be fabulous without wearing labels. I 
must say though, you have to admire how things were done and how they're still being done. I wouldn't mind wearing something like that once in a while. Yet, I know, that as long as I feel good about what I'm wearing, that's what matters. I think, though it may not seem like that now, Chanel wanted that. She was an outsider herself, and prized individuality.
the gypsy.
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