I've grown into a place

one of my favorite things to do around Santiago is just to walk around, find random streets, take pictures and sit down to drink some coffee. when my cousin came to visit last month, we ended up in the musuem of contemporary art. it was so interesting to learn more about Chile through the musuem. around the time of the regime, a lot of art work was lost and stolen, so there's a huge gap in Chilean Art History. they recently started an intiative to recover back some of the past.

I just keep finding different reasons to fall in love with this country.

And really, the best thing is to walk. Just keep walking.


a little red lipstick

this morning I'm listening to this mix and stumbled across this blog called, "Advanced Style."

he's a blogger who explores the streets in New York to find older folks with amazing fashion sense. this lovely lady above really caught my attention and I loved what she said, "Don’t be afraid to be unique to be different.

& a little red lipstick can go a long way...
isn't she beautiful?

I think I have the biggest smile on my face right about now!
the gypsy


putting on my head gear.

it's a life saver.
it makes those days that you just might have rolled out of bed,
seem cheerier, because you hair has a cute get-up.



true story!
the gypsy

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