made in rita

Meet Rita, George Harrison lover, music muse, organic line artist, tea lover, rock-chic and best from Brasil. 
I met her in my brief year at art school, and just like kindred spirits, we hit off and have been friends ever since.
The thing I like about her art, it's completely her own. She uses lines, shapes, all created around a theme and it is always unique. You can stare endlessly at what she created with simple lines.


So beautiful.

the gypsy.


everytime I close my eyes

Listening to this artist, suggested to me by a dear friend. I have been going through my pictures and it seems endless. Most of you don't know, but I'm an aspiring photographer, part of my work here is to document everything that goes on within our organization. It has been challenging and I'm on the process of expanding and growing. Soon I'll be experimenting with photoshop, since I'll be learning in order to use it here.
These are from a small town in Southern Chile, Los Lagos, and a surrounding village, La Balsa. It's so ideal, I wish I could go back just to spend days photographing.

the gypsy.


vintage. shabby. chic.

good news! britt's art (see the royal oak artist market post) is now in grand rapids!! i went to snap a few photos for her blog and fell in love with chai boutique (corner of fuller & knapp)... go check out britt's artwork & all chai's vintage/handmade/eclectic finds! 

...after chatting with sarah (the owner) & browsing the boutique be sure to stop in next door to shutterbug photography and say "hi" to jen! (she snapped these lovely photos for me)

love all things vintage, shabby, chic? i do!

the sun is out. enjoy it lovelies. 
xoxo. blair

p.s. aline & i change our blog URL and title. "szertlek teged" (i love you in hungarian) we figured was too difficult to remember for you english speakers (come one, everyone knows hungarian, right?!)

so bookmark your browsers to http://yourhemisphere.blogspot.com/ -- koszi!


away I went and back I came

I'm back from my trip to the south. It was incredible! I will probably post a lot of pictures on my blog.
What do you wear when travelling? I wandered this as I packed the night before we left and during the trip. I think I was able to be creative even though with the stress of travelling and practicality. 

Layers for the cold, floral prints, leg-warmers, caps, all-stars are all amazing items to have in your backpack. Also, a variety of earrings adds a little snazz when your travelling clothes are a bit boring.

I can sum it all up in this phrase by Johnny Flynn,
"I'll travel light and that's the life for me!"

the gypsy.


spring sass. aura skincare & cosmetics

sneak peeks from this week's photo shoot w/aura skincare & cosmetics! so many fun/sassy/springy colors from their new spring line... "like" them on facebook for more details on the launch of these fab new colors...

keep it classy & sassy lovelies.


cigarette pants + music monday

blogging to The Sounds ... having a dance party in my headphones. ooohhh yah! 

work outfit from last friday. black is always classic, but i seriously can't wait until spring ... maybe, possibly, adding a splash of color to my wardrobe? maybe ... sigh ...

i love the zipper up the back of these pants! adds a little, well, zip!!! #rawr

cropped sweater: h&m, high-waisted cigarette pants: h&m, oxford shoes: MIA, necklace: gift from my boyfriend (who also snapped these sweet photos)

i took this ... teehee ... my photographer/boyfriend :)

happy monday lovelies! make this week amazing!!


tiger blood.

i may not be charlie sheen (obviously), but i've decided to interpret his twitter hashtag (#tigerblood) for myself. fiercely feminine, wild mane, #tigerblood lips and nails. do you think sheen himself would approve?? heh.

lipstick: "so chaud" by MAC

nails: "tart deco" by essie

blair "rawr" badge


royal oak artist market: b young illustrations

this weekend - drove to the east side of the state to support my dear friend britt at the royal oak artist market! britt has always been a kindred friend. hippy-esque, eclectic, vintage (and the best year of 1986), ridiculously creative... she's definitely one-of-a-kind... and her art embodies her spirit.

magnets w/antique dictionary clippings

alla prima animal paintings in vintage italian frames

eclectic coasters (perfect for tea time!)
...i bought 2. one for me, one for ross.

the artist & her muse ;)
aka - britt & matt

owl t's (she also has sweet american apparel wolf t's too!)

show her blog some love too --> b young illustrations

xoxo lovelies.  


and that cat ran away with the spoon

I'm busy packing for my trip to Southern Chile, I have procrastinated enough. Since we're doing a lot of different activities, it's hard to decide what to take. Our first stop is in a city called Chillian, where we'll have two days off, maybe see a waterfall. I seriously have no clue what it going to happen. That's the exciting part though!

I used this twice in the past week, it's comfortable and still looks nice. A pen pal of mine bought it as a present when I was visiting her and it has a drawing of a cat on the bottom sitting on a moon, I wish I had taken pictures with more specific details. 

Camilinha and I, such a cutie and a good friend!

 So I might be AWOL in the next month, but be praying for me in the next few weeks.
the gypsy

ps, cardigan is f21 & dress is pepper tree london ;)


winter blues

today was superb. slept in. made headway on work projects. had lunch at schulers. on spring break. lykke li's "wounded rhymes" album was released. yep. the simple things in life. 

reading harper's bazaar at schulers today i came across this quote that made me laugh: "who are fashion's biggest bloodsuckers? boring people" - karl lagerfeld ... DON'T BE ONE!! lol

on that note... outfit inspiration! goal for this month is to try some daring styles. this outfit is definitely safe... but stay tuned for more on the wild side!! ;)

top: urban outfitters BDG, jeans: h&m, necklace: gift from a sassy nugget-of-a-friend named shelby, belt: nordstroms

oomphed up the hair color last week. going for a more subtle "ombre effect" for spring (apparently dramatic ombre is on the outs). now to find that orangy lip stick i've been dreaming of...

the drifter
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