c'est la vie

Wow, it's been a while since we've updated the hemispheres blog!
I was in Egypt for almost three weeks doing a course. It was really intensive, but we managed to see quite a bit... read more here.
On the way back to Chile, we had a 12 hour layover in Paris. So.. what did we do?
We went out exploring in Paris!

My favorite part was going up the Eiffel Tower. The first time I was in Paris we didn't go up. I'm not a big fan of heights, it's a love-hate relationship. I enjoy it but I get a bit anxious if there are no railings around. We ended up going up, walking around, doing some fun videos and eating the rest of our macarrons (purchased at McDonalds, I'm classy:)

Paris is perfect. I mean, I could spend hours just walking and I would be happy!
Have you been to Paris? What's your favorite thing about the city?
love, the gypsy.


on Blair's wedding day.

dear Ashley,
I can't believe it's already here. You are getting married to your best friend!
I remember the countless times we talked about waiting for that "one" person who we could grow old together. I am so happy you have found yours. I wish I was there, but I know everything will be perfect.
I haven't been around to see how your love grew but from what I've heard I know you have found your kindred spirit, and I can't wait to come and visit you both in your new nest.
Ross, I am pretty sure you know you are marrying an amazing girl (:
Hopefully, we'll meet some day!
I wish you love in this new adventure you are going on, may you be strengthened by it!
I just want to wish you all the happiness in the world!
I love you, my dear drifter and friend.
the gypsy


I've grown into a place

one of my favorite things to do around Santiago is just to walk around, find random streets, take pictures and sit down to drink some coffee. when my cousin came to visit last month, we ended up in the musuem of contemporary art. it was so interesting to learn more about Chile through the musuem. around the time of the regime, a lot of art work was lost and stolen, so there's a huge gap in Chilean Art History. they recently started an intiative to recover back some of the past.

I just keep finding different reasons to fall in love with this country.

And really, the best thing is to walk. Just keep walking.


a little red lipstick

this morning I'm listening to this mix and stumbled across this blog called, "Advanced Style."

he's a blogger who explores the streets in New York to find older folks with amazing fashion sense. this lovely lady above really caught my attention and I loved what she said, "Don’t be afraid to be unique to be different.

& a little red lipstick can go a long way...
isn't she beautiful?

I think I have the biggest smile on my face right about now!
the gypsy


putting on my head gear.

it's a life saver.
it makes those days that you just might have rolled out of bed,
seem cheerier, because you hair has a cute get-up.



true story!
the gypsy


lost in an island no one's aware

I was looking around pinterest for inspiration and I stumbled across this wedding shoot via Mango Studios. I completely fell in love with the 1800's wedding dress and all the vintage details.

gasp. the hair.

It has been one of my dreams to go barefoot to my wedding. 
Ha, no blisters there.

what do you think, Ash? you could pull this off!



not all those who wander

This past weekend I visited two cities by the sea. They are well known here in Chile, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. It was just the break I needed during my holidays. Suprisingly, I really didn't want to do any long travelling and going by the seaside in the winter was the perfect fit for me.

It felt like I took a much needed breather. It was nice to disappear for a while, walk by the seaside, explore a new and quirky city and buy postcards to send. Valparaiso is known as the historical city of Chile. I am not sure how to translate the word, but the government makes sure nothing is changed around the city and graffittis are encouraged. It's a wonderland for those who love this art.

lots of love from the southern hemisphere,I actually have one postcard left that I don't know who to send it to. If any of you would like it, let me know. Just so you know, Chilean mail is really snail mail - but it gets delivered.
lots of love from the south,


click click click camera

Oh, I want a holga. I love the effect of the camera, how it can be so surreal and abstract.

The cameras are varied and you can also attach lenses such as the fish-eye (my personal favorite), and you can modify the image by changing the way the film is placed into the camera. 

Also, you can go lensless with a Holga, with the pinhole cameras.

There are so many different types.. I would go crazy!

Are they not lovely? Click on the images for the sources.
I will keep dreaming of my own Holga...

the gypsy



hi kids! i'm baaaack! did you miss me? heh.

if you haven't already heard the spectacular new: i'm engaged!

yep, to my lover/best friend/kindred spirit... it's surreal to think i'm getting married. and i'll be a "mrs"... whoa.

anyways, i'm wanting to post some of my ideas/thoughts/wedding inspiration (and perhaps aline can give me some creative feedback)... so sit back and get ready!

first off, here's some recent inspiration that i've come upon...
click here for the full effect! photos by braedon photography.




living pinochios

Recently I have started to experiment with videos, but I still have a lot to learn! You have all probably heard of Carlos Lascano, but he is one of my favorite stop motion artists. I love his unique style, the way he uses digital tricks but also very real, organic details.

And of course this classic one with a Sigur Rós soundtrack,

Love. love. love.

the gypsy

ps, let's all have some sort of strike to have our dear drifter, Ashes back and bloggin' check out her new portfolio site. It looks great!


ballet Lover

A Dance For One. from LOVER® on Vimeo.

this is from Australian label Lover, I love the idea of displaying their looks while dancing ballet. makes you want to get the clothes just so you can do the same. too bad it's in Australia, because the pieces are so ideal for summer (for those in the Northern Hemisphere)

lots of love from the furthest south,
the gypsy. 


a taste of wonderland

I've been watching a lot of project runway this weekend online, such a great way to destress. Last night I dreamt that I had created my own line of clothing, just for fun. The week before my mom commented that there were sewing classes at the local cultural centre. Coincidence? I think not. I would love to make my own clothes someday.

These are from Mono, designer from season 8, found it here. I love how quirky, fun and whimsical these outfits all are. 

love, the gypsy.


one of those hair days

I've been getting into a lot of different ways to style hair. I know that there are lots of trends, and I usually look out for them, but I often gravitate towards simpler do's.

This amazing braid.

I've tried to do something with my own, but also with my roomate. She loves when I play around with different styles. This past friday I did her look for a wedding she was attending. I love how it turned out.

love, the gypsy


love from magyarország

Meet Sara Kovacs. Aspiring graphic designer, chic, vintage lover, passionate, loving friend, worship leader, perseverant, artist and Hungarian muse. For the past year, despite the distance, I've been getting to know her better and she has turned out to be one of my dear kindred spirits, someone I can imagine the rest of my life being friends with.
This is some of her artwork I have been following via her blog, which are all really inspiring. I am also encouraged when I read her blog posts (when they're in English, my Hungarian isn't so good that I can read all of her posts:)

I want to go to Budapest now, just so I can share a cup of tea and talk about life.

the gypsy.


the secret to a pretty style

It's all in the details. These are when I try to take outfit pictures, then I don't like them because I am camera shy and keep the ones that I'm only partly in them.

Hope you enjoyed it. It's the secret to my style, I love details.

the gypsy.
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