british fashion awards

the british fashion awards are coming up soon! december 7th they'll announce who - in 2010 - has embodied the spirit of brit fashion! my vote, alexa chung. eclectic, chic, hip. if only i could pull off these looks here in the midwest without endless gawking... ha! that'll be the day...



today I'm particularly nostalgic as the rain is pouring down, and I'm listening to Yann Tiersen.
I met Ashley in Budapest, seems like a lifetime ago, and I lived there for six years. It's hard to believe that I have a life so different than the one I had there. I miss it. I miss my neighborhood, the leaves changing colors in the autumn, hippy teahouses and walking around with no destination in mind.
I don't know what it is about it, but I was captivated and enchanted by its people and its difficult language. A Brazilian writer, Chico Buarque, once said, that Hungarian is the only language that the devil respects. It's true, it's hard but it's completely beautiful.
Some pictures I took, more here.

a little taste of Budapest during Christmas:


all we grow

S.Carey is the Bon Iver percussionist. Just recently listening to my last themes on lastfm, I came across his song, "In the Dirt." It's gorgeous. One of those songs in which you travel to far off galaxies, filled with a millions stars that surround you and as you walk, your footprints step on stardust. There's a bit of sadness to it though, as if this longing, of going somewhere to stay away for a while, is too overwhelming.

Inspired by Justin Vernon, who as we all know, secluded himself in a cabin with a broken heart, and came out with the amazing album, "For Emma, Forever Ago," in which we see the process of a man mending a broken heart, and coming out stronger. This album spoke to me in such a way, that when I found that that S. Carey was a part of this, that it made me like him just a bit more.

You can find some free tracks here, along with a beautiful description, I could never do as good as a job as they did in depicting his album.

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turkey day.

happy thanksgiving from the good 'ole USA! aline, i'm so jealous it's summertime in brazil!! i want to wear some cutesy dresses! but alas, we're cruising into chilly winter up here. almost time to dust off the snow boots! aaiiieee!! 40 degrees today... thought i'd share my thanksgiving attire... quite fall-esque...

outfit: knit cap, flannel shirt, military jacket (urban outfitters), black jeans (zara), lace-up booties (aldo), bird ring (vintage)


tattoo obsession.

i'm dying to get another tattoo. omg. i knew this was going to happen. my friend britt warned me that i would be addicted!! i wasted a couple hours today on the tattoologist's site getting ideas! eek! i want to convince aline to get one... maybe she'll be inspired after this post... teehee...
this first tattoo is my friend britts. "be love" - so cute.
me getting inked in budapest, hungary. i was so terrified... aaiieee!!
my tattoo! "guds frid" - "god's peace" in swedish. my heritage. my life's mantra taken from philippians 4:7. here's some more of my favs from the tattoologist!

what to get? what to get!! 



okay, Ash, after this one, it's your turn for a string of posts =) this is what I wore yesterday. during the summertime, I love wearing dresses, it just seems like the perfect article to lie down in the sun, and summer to me just seems like it's all about the light dresses and sandals. when I found this, I just had to get it, it's just screams summer, and I see myself wearing it everyday (I probably will!) like today,  I changed the vest for a little cropped jacket and strappy sandals for work.

 globe necklace/present from my dad

what is  your favorite summer item?



I recently discovered (today, actually) this Kiwi based photographer, Ben Crawford. I was curious to check him out because he started following me on twitter. I found some breathtaking photos, and now I am dying to put on my travelling shoes and photograph these places for myself.
Here's a taste:

I looked around for some New Zealand bands, and came across this one. They're so fun! So... who's coming to New Zealand with me?



I'm not sure how to start this first post. Recently, I watched, for the millionth time, the movie directed by Kar Wai Wong, "My Blueberry Nights," not only is Jude Law in it (seriously, what movie isn't this man good in? that's rheotorical, by the way) but also one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Norah Jones. When I heard she was in it (a few years ago), I just had to see it. So I saw it online and recently bought the movie for myself

The movie in itself has eye-catching photography, use of contrasting colors and warm shotsand even though there isn't much to the story, it is a journey about self-discovery. A girl, with a broken heart, goes on a road trip to get over her lover and finds out that life is much more complicated than a set of keys to an apartment. Seems cliché, but somehow, it isn't. 

"The last few days, I've been learning not to trust people and I'm glad I've failed. Sometimes we depend on other people as a mirror to define us and tell us who we are and each reflection makes me like myself a little more." 



I love LineShe's my kindred spirit from the Southern Hemisphere... and one of the most beautiful people I know. Inside and out. 

We've decided to collaborate across time zones, continents, and countries on this blog... Not sure what it'll look like, but perhaps a smattering of our artistic obsessions!! And we are obsessive at times ;)

More to come! (Photos of us in Brazil, June 2009)



Happy Sunday! Omg, this was such a crazy week. School (7 months left, yay baby!), work, work again, fashion show stuff, bachelorette party (don't ask), etc etc...

Stumbled across Delphic this week. Loves it. 



A little peek into a hair event I modeled for last month! What a blast! 

Photo #1 - Jessica (Design 1 Salon Spa) getting started... styrofoam, tulle, feathers, extension, oh my! 
Photo #2 - Irene (Aura Cosmetics) putting on the final touches!
Photo #3 - The final outcome! Photo by Tim Priest!
The icing on the cake was washing out the rat's nest afterward. Thank GOD for conditioning treatments!!
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