I'm energy, you're the rhythm

I have a certain fascination with cultures such as Icelandic, Swedish and nowadays Faroese. It's kinda hard not to when you live with a crazy Faroese roomate, but what are you going to do? Hehe...
Here's one she showed to me the other day and am now addicted to this one song:

I am getting a bit run down, getting used to my schedule, but it's been a great few weeks!
have a lovely day,
the gypsy


follow the arrow

this week is almost over and I'm relieved and at the same time sad because that means that the group of Brazilians that are here will go home. It's always hard to say goodbye especially after you had such a close and fun time.
in between the craziness of these past few weeks, painting, translating, and meeting new people I was able to sneak in some good looks.

my lovely friends, Camila and I have grown close and I managed ot become friends with her sister Gabriela as well. They're so fun, I can act like a 6 year old and they love me.  
I'm wearing my favorite cardigan given to my by a friend, skirt by "M," leggings F21 and shoes are a gift from my mom, made in Chile.  
some of the past days, we've had some chilly weather, and I'm getting more anxious for winter to blow our way. can you tell at all? hehe...
the gypsy


wedding bells

hmm... how many of you did i fool with the title of this post? gotcha! ;)
yesterday our dear friends theo & nicole got hitched! a small, intimate ceremony downtown grand rapids at st. cecilia's music society. sheer perfection... aren't they adorable?
the groomsmen... (cutest one is 2nd from the right. or perhaps i'm biased)
the outfit...

dress: h&m, shoes: bcbg, clutch: vintage, nails: OPI "you don't know jacques"

"i have spread my dreams beneath your feet;
tread softly because you tread on my dreams" 

all the best to theo & nicole on their newest adventure!



orange blossoms

orange. the color has captured me hook, line & sinker. 

i first loved marc by marc jacobs spring 2011 orange lips (not to mention the fabulously frizzed manes of hair)...

...then it was derek lam's orange eyeliner...
okay, so the orange eyeliner might be a stretch for me (au naturale kind of a gal) ... but the lips and teased mane are more my kind of crazy. even acquired a rust shadow the other week. doubles as a blush too! next thing you know i'll be owning a coral jumpsuit ... yeah, probably not ;)

the weekend is almost here lovelies. sanity awaits!


chicago state of mind.

love birds.
(ya, i know, we should probably get a room)

pre-birthday chicago rendezvous this past weekend. shopping. starbucks. food. shopping. shopping. more starbucks. bought some basic staples for the end of winter/beginning of spring! i'll post new outfit looks soon.

bottom photo: breakfast at west egg cafe. definitely a MUST for those traveling to the windy city. i'm a breakfast-foods-all-day-please kind of a girl... 

the drifter

listening to: "no more running away" by air traffic


never let me go

these past two days, as I start to get ready for this new phase in my life (I am now in Santiago, Chile) I've been indulging in several movies. One that has stood among the rest is, "Never Let Me Go" based on the best-selling book by Kazuo Ishiguro. It is a story narrated by Kathy, remembering her boarding school days at Halsham, where they were encouraged to create and health was their first priority. It tells the story of three of these students, Ruth, Tommy and Kathy. These students don't have last names and are actually clones, being raised to become only organ donors.
Throughout the movie, there is this sense of finality, like you know where this is going to end, but there is still hope that the worst of your expectations will not come true. In the end, I don't think it's about clonning, but actually about life. The decisions we make, how we react to the experiences around us, and how when we look deeply into our lives,  we ask ourselves, "why aren't we living?"
I loved it, especially starring Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. I watched the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnussus with Andrew Garfield, and have been excited to see him in other movies like the "Social Network."

 "We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time."

the gypsy.


scandal in the blizzard.

blizzard hit last night. the twitter hashtags are hilarious...


let's just say i didn't move from my bed until 1:30 this afternoon. why not? work's closed. snowed in. time to hibernate! hot coco + baileys anyone?

it might be a blizzard out, but that doesn't stop me from pretending it's summer: "hallo shorts!" unlike aline i live in the arctic. okay, maybe not the arctic but the midwest...sooo close enough! 

winter shorts babeee!! high-waisted shorts (zara), black tights (dkny), gray t (urban outfitters), flannel shirt (urban outfitters), knit cap (urban outfitters), wellies (tretorn), key necklace (vintage)

the drifter.
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