merry day after christmas

Merry Christmas!
Yesterday I went out with a dear friend of mine, Rita, and we had fun exploring a nearby city called São Caetano do Sul. It's really close to where I live in São Paulo, so we hopped on a bus and went in search for some yummy pasteries. Except, being the day after christmas, the streets were empty and there was hardly anything open. So we hung out in a little park, talked and here is what I wore:

This dress is a vintage that I bought while in Chicago. There is a little place (I'm not sure it's little anymore) called Clothes Optional on Clark Avenue. 

Shoes/ supermarket Carrefour (haha)
Belt/some random accessory store
Purse/ Vintage, Rita's

the gypsy.


johnny flynn

British Johnny Flynn came to land in my itunes when I started listening to Laura Marling (which deserves another post) They have sung together in, "the Water" and ever since then I've been hooked. Other songs like, "Travel Light" and "the Box" are on constant repeat. I have yet to over listen these two wonderful songs. I think his voice, that reminds you a bit of Johnny Cash, and well, the vocalist from the Tallest Man on Earth, is his biggest charm.
Taking out the fact that he is also a poet, actor and composer. I want to marry this man, really.  He also has played a few times with lovely Mumford & Sons and I found him playing a beautiful song with his sister.
So be ready to be addicted.

the gypsy.


city and colour

it's almost been 3 years since dallas green's (city and colour) last album. i need ANOTHER one! literally every track on this album is a delight!

the drifter


summer wakes the bear who sleeps

Having such amazing, inspiring friends, I was happy to open my blogger painel to see that my friend Alissa, had posted new art of hers. She has her own style, dreamy and overall beautiful. It just seems like you can travel to her colorful world, and come back a bit lighter. I want to own one of her portraits in my future apartment!

She has a portfolio, so you should definetly check out her art! Here are some more of my favorites:

the gypsy.


the weepies

The Weepies played at Calvin College last month. I've always adored them...especially since "The World Spins Madly On" reached my ears several years ago. The show was incredible. I was mesmerized by their effortless harmonies and eclectic vibe. My jaw might have been open for part of the time ;)

But my absolutely favorite track of their new album (released this past August) is the title song "Be My Thrill"...especially suiting for those who have a noteworthy other in their life...teehee...

the drifter 

p.s. the whole album is worth a listen ;) 



I want to move into a new apartment, if I could I would mix and match different kinds of styles

cigarettes and music


Or I could live like this and I'd be happy:



friday? finally!
if you haven't seen Pushing Daisies, it's a MUST see. I was so bummed when it got cancelled after only airing for two seasons. I am always inspired by Chuck's wardrobe (played by British actor Anna Friel) It's so cheerful and I am always inspired by her hair. I tried browsing the internet for more images, but these are the only ones I found.

I guess this means that you'll just have to watch and look out for lovely outfits!
Sigh, my hair will be this length someday.

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