lost in an island no one's aware

I was looking around pinterest for inspiration and I stumbled across this wedding shoot via Mango Studios. I completely fell in love with the 1800's wedding dress and all the vintage details.

gasp. the hair.

It has been one of my dreams to go barefoot to my wedding. 
Ha, no blisters there.

what do you think, Ash? you could pull this off!



not all those who wander

This past weekend I visited two cities by the sea. They are well known here in Chile, Valparaiso and ViƱa del Mar. It was just the break I needed during my holidays. Suprisingly, I really didn't want to do any long travelling and going by the seaside in the winter was the perfect fit for me.

It felt like I took a much needed breather. It was nice to disappear for a while, walk by the seaside, explore a new and quirky city and buy postcards to send. Valparaiso is known as the historical city of Chile. I am not sure how to translate the word, but the government makes sure nothing is changed around the city and graffittis are encouraged. It's a wonderland for those who love this art.

lots of love from the southern hemisphere,I actually have one postcard left that I don't know who to send it to. If any of you would like it, let me know. Just so you know, Chilean mail is really snail mail - but it gets delivered.
lots of love from the south,


click click click camera

Oh, I want a holga. I love the effect of the camera, how it can be so surreal and abstract.

The cameras are varied and you can also attach lenses such as the fish-eye (my personal favorite), and you can modify the image by changing the way the film is placed into the camera. 

Also, you can go lensless with a Holga, with the pinhole cameras.

There are so many different types.. I would go crazy!

Are they not lovely? Click on the images for the sources.
I will keep dreaming of my own Holga...

the gypsy



hi kids! i'm baaaack! did you miss me? heh.

if you haven't already heard the spectacular new: i'm engaged!

yep, to my lover/best friend/kindred spirit... it's surreal to think i'm getting married. and i'll be a "mrs"... whoa.

anyways, i'm wanting to post some of my ideas/thoughts/wedding inspiration (and perhaps aline can give me some creative feedback)... so sit back and get ready!

first off, here's some recent inspiration that i've come upon...
click here for the full effect! photos by braedon photography.


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