on Blair's wedding day.

dear Ashley,
I can't believe it's already here. You are getting married to your best friend!
I remember the countless times we talked about waiting for that "one" person who we could grow old together. I am so happy you have found yours. I wish I was there, but I know everything will be perfect.
I haven't been around to see how your love grew but from what I've heard I know you have found your kindred spirit, and I can't wait to come and visit you both in your new nest.
Ross, I am pretty sure you know you are marrying an amazing girl (:
Hopefully, we'll meet some day!
I wish you love in this new adventure you are going on, may you be strengthened by it!
I just want to wish you all the happiness in the world!
I love you, my dear drifter and friend.
the gypsy

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